About the brand



Sackpack 22, Cool clothing, bags and accessories brand, specializes in textile, patterns and color combinations, which all comes together to create a unique fashion forward urban collection of clothing items, backpacks and handbags.

Our sackpacks & clothing items are meticulously made by hand in limited editions, while keeping up to date with the latest trends.

We believe in protecting the environment we live in and therefore we use only faux leather for our products and they are 100% VEGAN. 


It all began in the summer of 2013 when Shir was asked to design a bag for a friends' business. She immediately thought of her childhood friend, Daniel, who was a fashion designer. Together, they came up with a back pack that would fit the needs of their friend- and that's how the drawstring SACKPACK was created.
Daniel sat and sewed a few bags and made sure to sew 2 more for Shir and herself. TheIr friends saw the sackpacks and were super excited from the results. They were so excited that they wanted them for themselves as well. So… Daniel continued to sew more bags. As the exposure got bigger, more people wanted a sackpack. Shir began taking and managing the orders and Daniel kept on sewing and sewing. Soon enough Daniel's house became a sewing workshop filled with many colorful fabrics and Shir’s house became the "main" office. They understood that they need to quit their day jobs so they can focus and invest all their energy in this stylish innovative brand- SACKPACK22.
Now- here they are 2 years later, with their own studio and store, with hundreds of sackpack designs, patterns and colors. They supply their sackpacks to dozens of boutique stores and sell them online as well.

In the summer of 2017 Shir & Daniel decided to take things one step further and make another dream come true and they launched the first SACKPACK22 WEAR collection of beautiful, cool and comfortable dress, made again in the highest quality, with uniqe dying techniques that make it one of a kind. To be continued with much more surprises to come.. 

It all began as a dream, and today it became the reality… The excitement is in the air and SACKPACK22 is here to stay!

To keep on getting inspired by our surroundings and our customers and staying true to them and our vision, We invite you to join our SACKPACK22 family!